Tenant Handbook


All deliveries should be made directly to your office space. No deliveries may be left at the lobby security desk. Please note that 200 Clarendon Street Security will not accept or sign for any deliveries on behalf of the tenants.

Suite Number 
Prior to occupancy, you will be provided with your suite number to facilitate mail and parcels deliveries.  This information should be included in your mailing address.  If you have any questions, call the Property Management Coordinator at (617) 275-0100.

Parcels and Large Deliveries Address
All deliveries must be made via the loading dock. Loading dock entrance is off Trinity Street.

Wheeled Delivery Equipment 
All deliveries that require equipment with wheels (i.e., hand trucks, flat-bed dollies, etc.) must utilize service elevators and access from the loading dock.  Wheeled delivery equipment is prohibited in the office building’s main lobby levels and passenger elevators. 

Loading Dock Restrictions 
During Business Hours:

  • Business Hours for the loading dock are 6 am through 7 pm Mon-Fri, with the exception of recognized national and state holidays.
  • The time limit for vehicles on the loading dock is thirty (30) minutes. 
  • All loading docks are limited to trucks no greater than 53 feet in length during business hours.  Any delivery requiring a truck over 53 feet in length will require special reservations during non-business hours. Height clearance for the loading dock is 14’6”.

NOTE: All deliveries requiring more than thirty minutes of delivery truck parking on the loading dock or more than 2 trips in the freight elevator must be scheduled via special reservations during non-business hours (see below).

Reservations for Extended Loading Dock Time

Reservations for extended loading dock time can be made by submitting the request, including date, times, purpose, and any other special needs, at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. All requests should be submitted by the customer representative via bptenantservices.com/jht  and by calling the Property Management Coordinator at (617) 275-0100. Extended loading dock time is only available during non-business hours.

National Delivery Companies and Other Regular Couriers 
Pre-approved courier and delivery companies that provide daily scheduled pick-ups and deliveries using the same assigned representative, may be provided building ID badges and do not need to be entered in the Pre-Clearance system. However, their delivery personnel needs to check in with the dock master’s office. All deliveries must come into the building through the loading dock. Currently, these companies include UPS, Federal Express, Staples, Iron Mountain, WB Mason, Office Depot and Cintas.

Any packages for unattended non-business hours pick-up or delivery should be left in the freight elevator lobby and the tenant should contact the courier company directly to arrange pick up. 200 Clarendon Street Management is not responsible for any courier packages left in the freight elevator lobbies and recommends scheduling courier pick-ups or deliveries while a tenant representative is still on site.

Bicycle and Other Hand Delivery Couriers 
Small packages and “by hand” mail deliveries are brought into the building via the loading dock.


  • Any courier that is scheduled to access the 200 Clarendon Street should be entered into the Pre-Clearance system. The courier will be given a temporary badge and will be sent upstairs to the tenant floor by a freight elevator. During non-business hours and/or when the loading dock door is closed, all couriers will need to contact the 200 Clarendon Street security command center via the intercom located by the rollup dock door.


  • Business Hours: If the courier has not been entered into the Pre-Clearance system, s/he must enter through the loading dock. The Security Officer on duty will check the courier's credentials and make an entry into the system. The courier will be given a temporary badge and will be sent to the appropriate freight elevator.
  • Non-Business Hours: Security will make every effort to contact the customer employee.  If contacted, the customer employee can make a system entry and request that the courier be given access to their floor or meet the courier in the loading dock to pick up the package. If the customer employee cannot be contacted, and the courier is willing to wait, Security may also attempt to contact the authorized main tenant contact for verbal approval. If authorization is obtained, the Security Officer will then make the system entry, print out a label badge and direct the courier to the freight elevator.