Tenant Handbook

Large Meetings/Functions

In an effort to efficiently process a high volume of people entering the building at relatively the same time, meetings, parties or other special functions with 25 or more attendees requires additional staffing assistance in the lobby, as well as a separate check-in table located away from the lobby security desk. Customers have the option of providing their own receptionist/check-in attendant for the table, or a customer may request additional staffing from building security for a fee. A list of names of all attendees must be supplied by the customer in advance to the Lobby Security Desk.  In addition, notification for any meeting, party or other special function must be submitted to the 200 Clarendon Street Management Office at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.  Finally, the following work orders may need to be entered into the bptenantservices.com/jht system:

  • Request for a separate check-in table and chairs in the lobby.
  • Request for Security to staff the check-in table if customer not supplying staff.
  • Request for any other special services (i.e. janitorial, electrical, elevator).
  • Request overtime HVAC for non-business hours functions (if desired).
  • Request that elevator card access on the function floor be temporarily deactivated (if desired).


Note that a service fee will be charged for some of the above requested services. Please contact Property Management Coordinator at (617) 275-0100 for additional information.