Tenant Handbook

Freight Elevators

Service Elevator Usage 

  • Service elevators are shared on a first come-first served basis during business hours.
  • There is a 30-minute parking limit at the loading dock during business hours, which typically allows no more than 2 trips up to the tenant floors using freight elevators.
  • Full floor customers may perform smaller scale moves (chair, crates, etc.) during business hours as long as the noise does not disrupt the customers on the floor below and provided that they do not require more than 30 minutes parking in the loading dock.
  • All deliveries or moves requiring exclusive use of the service elevators or loading dock and freight elevator use for longer than 30 minutes, must be scheduled in advance outside of business hours. Reservations for exclusive use of the freight elevators are subject to availability. Please refer to the next section for the reservation procedures.
  • Elevator hatches are not permitted to be opened for any reason during operation of the elevator.  Oversized furniture and equipment may require an elevator mechanic’s involvement, which must be arranged through the 200 Clarendon Street Management Office at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance.  There will be an hourly fee charged to the customer for the special services.

Reservations for Exclusive Use of Service Elevators

Reservations for exclusive service elevator use can be made by submitting the request, including date, times, purpose, and any other special needs, at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.  All requests should be submitted by a tenant representative via bptenantservices.com/jht  or by calling Property Management Coordinator at (617) 275-0100.  If a scheduling conflict precludes exclusive use, an alternate time may be necessary.

  • After hours elevator operator will be charged through a work order at a rate of $45/hour - minimum of 4 hours.
  • Service elevators can be reserved for exclusive use on the weekends (Friday from 6 pm to Monday 5am) and workday evenings (Monday through Friday after 6 pm).   


Service Elevator Dimensions

There are two (2) auxiliary freight elevators for access from the loading dock to the basement level. Tenant floors can be only accessed by three (3) main freight elevators from the basement level. Note that the main freight elevators are slightly smaller than the auxiliary cabs. The largest of the three (3) main freight elevators has the following dimensions:

  • 122” wide, 68” deep, 115” high, with a 16”x26” removable top panel. It can accommodate maximum length of up to 133” diagonally across the cab. Doors are 87” wide and 89” high.  Load limit is 7,000 pounds.